Monday, March 25, 2013

SeeMikeDraw and Pyrkon

I will be absent this week so I made a note to remember how to use English ;) It is divided in two parts:

1. See Mike Draw is a website where Mike Jacobsen posts his geek themed, mini comics and cartoons. I have one of his drawings on the cover of my notebook, precisely this one:

Karina and Marta really liked it so if you want to see more Girls go to:

2. PYRKON! This weekend I participated in the biggest fantasy/sci-fi/popculture convention in Poland. It was simply awesome. Although a little bit crowdy because I was one of 12 thousand people that took part in this event. During a convention like this you can meet writers, hear various lectures, take part in competitions, buy really cool stuff, play board games, card games, rpgs, larps, and computer games (even those you remember from your childhood) and more. The special guest of Pyrkon was Graham Masterton who is probably known to you from his numerous horror stories. If you want to know more you can visit Pyrkon's facebook profile or website. If no, maybe later, I will post some exeptionally interesting photos but now I just wanted to show you a special photo for me :)

I'm surprised that meeting of two Doctors didn't rip a hole in the Universe :)


  1. I am jealous! Unfortunately I missed it again..

  2. It's really good to take part in events you are interested in :) Keep it up:)

  3. thanks for Mike Jacobsen's website! I already love this guy! :D