Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence

For the first time I heard of Jennifer Lawrence thanks to the "Hunger Games" movie. Maybe it wasn’t a masterpiece of the modern cinematography but it quickly became a blockbuster. The premiere of the second movie from the trilogy, "Catching fire", will take place in November (for Poland). For the first moment I saw her I found her extremely beautiful woman. Finally a not starved-to-death-skinny actress! After I did some Internet digging she appeared to me not only beautiful but also funny, clever, natural… A girl I would love to be friends with.

In the interview for Glamour in 2012 she explains how she felt about becoming famous. She tells the interviewer how anxious she was about realising the movie. She said that she felt like she was in the eye of a hurricane. She confessed that before taking the role of Katniss she was in a peaceful place in life. She didn’t have to worry about paparazzi staking outside her house. On the other side she shows the pros of being an actress: high payment, lot of free time. She says that finally she could do things that were forbidden to her as a child, for example eat out of hotel’s minibars.

Here is the full interview:

And I assume that you already know that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar award for the best female role for the movie "Silver Lining Playbooks". Here is something from the ceremony that shows her personality very well:
(adnotation: when she was going to get the award she tripped on the stairs and fell down.)


  1. She really IS funny, clever and natural. And what a success at such an early age! I need to watch "Silver Linings..." soon. Thanks for the video!

  2. You're welcome :) I read somewhere an opinion that she may be the next Meryl Streep. Time will tell.

  3. great video:D when I was watching it there appeared miniature of video with the Pope on the right side. I'm afraid that he will be also in my fridge soon:(