Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unforgettable mistakes

I have some interesting stories from my childhood, but I decided to write about my high school teacher - Mrs Porada. She used to teach me history and was simply hilarious. She was really scatterbrained and had troubles with maths. It was an amazing combination. Once after we gave in our tests at the end of a lesson she decided  to count them before we live the class. Mrs Porada wanted to know if we didn't stole any to take advantage of it. She ended counting and said: "there is 27 of you in the class and I've got 28 tests. Tell me who didn't give in a test!".
Other situation is related to the fact that Mrs Porada didn't like me and two of my friends: Artur and Albert. She decided to ask us questions for a mark on one lesson. She looked on the list. Firstlu she cose number 18 - Artur. Then she said. "Number 18 plus 3... 21. Oh, Albert! What a surprise!" I had number 24 so I knew I will be next, but then she siad: "21 plus 3... 25 for answer!" The girl that had been called out instead of me didn't protest and I was saved thanks to the poor math skills of my teacher.
The last funny story I want to tell is about Mrs Porada's problems with words. She used to mix up similar words. One day she saw that someone noted a test from antiquity in our class journal. It was the polish teacher, but she thought that maybe she did it. She said:  "Hmmm... Did I wrote it down? I think not... I don't have amnestia after all!" Of course she meaned amnesia.

And my childhood photo. Taken somwhere at the seaside. It is a little bit too bright but it has an amazing ambience :)


  1. I love this photo! It should have a subtitle "I'm the king of the world!" :D

  2. It's a really good photo: the queen of the world! :) As for your story, it's a bit depressing that such people teach in schools, don't you think? I hope things are changing for the better.

  3. Yes it is a little bit sad. We have to make some bigger changes for example in the teacher's card, to bring a competition to this profession for example.
    And I am happy You like my photo :)