Sunday, November 18, 2012

Count to ten

Recently, my best friend Ann, was getting married. It was the most unfortunate wedding I have ever seen. The bad luck started very soon. At the moment the taxi arrived at the airport I noticed that, I didn't take my dress from home. I had to get back to my flat. Of course I got back to the airport late. However I was calm because I had some extra time for unexpexted events. While I was waiting for antoher flight I remembered a stupid superstition. Some people belive that when you are getting back for something you have left you must sit and count to ten in a place where you left this thing. It should push away the bad luck. I haven't done that, of course, and the dark forces got revenge on me.
When I arrived I got a taxi to get to the hotel. I don't know how, but the driver got lost! It turned out it was his first day at work. I called Ann to get the directions, but the taxi driver was so clumsy and slow that I decided to drive stright to the harbor. Ann's fiance, Peter, organised their ceremony and wedding reception on a boat. I was never able to get on with this man and I considered this idea extremly stupid. I wasn't wrong.
We all got on board, set out and the ceremony started. In fact, would have started if Ann hadn't got ill. Someone decided to get her a drink to make her less tense on a big day. Alcohol and rocking of the boat caused a catastrophe. All the guests waited an hour. It started to rain. Everyone got wet, angry and cold. Finally after about two hours we went under the deck.
When I got back home I was exhausted. Ann got divorced two years after this luckless ceremony. 
So remember... always count to ten.


  1. oh gosh, such a misfortune :( never back home when you forgot something!

    1. yup probably the best option was to buy a new dress. It is always the best option xD I am happy that this isn't a real story ;p

  2. I hope she got another chance ;)

  3. Fortunately the story isn't true. ;)