Sunday, December 23, 2012

A madman with a Box

If I were Doctor's companion I would travel through time and space. I would be able to see planet Barcelona where dogs don't have noses. I would see New Earth with the city of New New New New New New New New New New New New New York. Maybe he would take me to see Midnight, a planet where waterfalls are diamond and sapphire. I would hear the Oods singing. We would fight the Daleks together and save the Earth. But definitely no Weeping Angels! (they are too damn scary).  Doctor would show me past and the ancient times of Earth and other planets. Maybe he wouldn't mind meeting Shakespear again... I would get my own phone with "Universal Roaming". Maybe even the key to the TARDIS. We would surely have to run for our lives many times. At least but not last he would let me sit in the open doors of the TARDIS floating above the Earth, drink a cup of hot tea and admire the view.

As you know we were supposed to watch Doctor Who episode during our lesson but it didn't happen so I decided to make a post about it, just to explain a little bit what it is.
Doctor Who is a British television series with a long tradition. It was reactivated in  2005 after a break in emission. The Doctor is an alien, a Time Lord, who can travel through time and space thanks to his space ship, the TARDIS. It has a shape of blue police phone box (the kind that was in use in London in 60' to call for the police). What is very important it is bigger on the inside. (Nothing special, in fact all women's bags are). Doctor has an amazing ability: every time he is severely injured instead of dying he can regenerate. He changes his body and his personality, but his memories and knowledge stays the same (and he is very knowledgeable). He never travels alone but with a companion (mostly women).

Weeping Angels

Every year, on 25th of December, there is a special Christmas Episode. Some people (like me) wait for it even more than for presents. It is very hard to explain what is this show all about. It is what comes to my mind:

The important things about the show are: British humor, absurd, poorly done special effects, amazing theater-like role play, and good that is in every person and creature in the world. I invite you to try it this Christmas and watch one 45-minute episode. Find out if you like it! :)

Daleks - nemesis of the Doctor

Merry Christmas! :)


  1. WOW! That's an excellent introduction to Doctor Who! (I like the meme, though ;) I hope we can still watch an episode at a convenient time. Have you seen the new Christmas special? I've just finished watching it, and I liked it a lot. It had a few properly scary moments, and the new companion seems a good choice. What do you think? :)

  2. I have seen it but I have some mixed feelings about it. I was a little bit worried about character of Clara Oswald. She seemed TO awesome for me ;) but after last episode I think her story can be pretty intersting. We will see. Something epic is coming I can feel it! At last it's 50th anniversary of Doctor Who :)