Sunday, October 7, 2012

"To be loved deeply not widely"

"The fault in our stars" is the fourth solo novel written by John Green. It is a story of Hazel Grace Lancester (who is also a narrator), a sixteen years old girl with a cancer. To be more specific: with stage IV thyroid cancer and tumors in her lungs.  She had been diagnosed at the age of 13 but thanks to the experimental treatmen her "miracle" happend, giving her few years to tell this story. Her mother being convinced that Hazel has a depression due to her illness, sent her to a support group meetings. Hazel met there Isaac - a boy with an eye cancer who was going to loose his sight, and Isaac's best friend Augustus Waters, who had osteosarcoma to which he already lost his right leg. This story has another very important character: Peter Van Houten. An author of the "Imperial affliction", Hazel's favourite book. The book soon created a bond beetween her and Augustus. They shared a mutual dream to meet the author. So this is the story. Seems terribly sad because all of the characters were suffering? And here comes the suprise - it is funny in good taste, brings hope as well as sadness. It isn't pompous, its characters aren't heroic. They are just a mix of philosofical thougths, dreams, love and a great sense of humor. 
John Green's book was a great way to began my holidays, but just now I've paid more attention to the dedication: " to Esther Earl". Who was she? What is her connection to the author? Let me go to the begining. There was a girl... hilarious, warm, optimistic and loving. And she was diagnosed with a thyroid cancer. When, by reason of oxygen therapy, her mobility decreased, she began to make a videoblog. On Youtube she found her friends. She found the nerdfighteria - a community of nerds fighting with the world suck and spreading the awesomeness. It was created by the author of the book and his brother, - John and Hank Green. On august 25, 2010, Esther died. Despite this fact Nerdfighters didn't forget her and in order to honor her memory they have a holiday on her birthday - August 3. They gather together to recollect Esther and to do what she taughted them to: tell members of a family or a friend that you love them. Because we simply don't do it often enough.
"The faul in our stars" inspired by Esther Earl is about dying as well as about living. It is about love, friendship, awesomeness. It is all about what Esther was. I highly recommened it to all of you.


  1. Of course I did :) 'Norwegian Wood' is one of my favourite. You should read 'Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' necessarily ;)

  2. I've listened to the first chapter. I like it a lot! BTW, John Green is quite a good reader - I could listen to the whole book like that :)

  3. I'm glad that You liked it :)here is the second chapter:
    but unfortunately it's the last one read by John :(