Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Illness and movies

Guess who's ill? Yes, me... something with my throat.

So what have I done with this massive amount of free time I had, you ask? I was sleeping a lot, drinking hot tea, reading, coughing terribly, spending too much time on the internet and I was watching movies. And I want to tell you about those movies.

Here goes the list:
1. Iron Sky - yest, it is about nazis. Yes, the idea of nazis on the moon is great. And yes, this movie is a crap.
2. Quantum of solace - much worse than Casino Royale. I had the feeling that creators decided to include all possible versions of pursuit: car chase; boat chase; normal, standard chase and even airplane chase.
3. Rear window - did you know that Hitchcock has a cameo in most of his movies? I noticed him in this one!
4.The curious case of Benjamin Button - Really nice movie. Brad Pitt is an excellent actor, and he is more handsome than Johnny Deep! Deal with it...
5. Mirror, mirror - I just couldn't take my eyes off the dark and big eyebrows of the main character. What the film was about? eeemm Snowwhite? Yeah, I think... gosh, those eyebrows are the only thing I remember. Oh! And Julia Roberts plays in it! Yes.... But, wow, eyebrows...

And that's all - not very ambitious, but I' have some problems with focusing since I have to wipe my nose every five minutes.


  1. Too bad you're ill :/ You get a gold star for working on your blog instead of getting some rest, but do take some time away from the screen. It's not good for you. Take care :)

  2. big minus because of what you wrote about Johnny Depp;d