Saturday, October 20, 2012

Excuse me, I've lost my yoga mat, and...

... I wanted to ask if anyone, maybe, had found it.
I have said this sentence exactly 7 times at the railway station on Tuesday.
When I was in Sieradz my parents, knowing that I am going to start my yoga lessons soon, bought me a yoga mat. Useful and nice present. When I was packing, I attached it to my backpack. It wasn't very solid but I told myself I will pay attention to it. I didn't, of course. When I was getting out of the train, the yoga mat was still tied to my backpack. By the time I got home it was gone.
Next day I decided to go and look for it at the train station. First, I went to the customer service center. The woman working there was truly amazed that I asked her and send me to the information.
The man there said that he wasn't working the previous day so I had to ask the auditors of the rolling stock (rewidenci taboru kolejowego). They were surprised I asked them about something that, in fact, wasn't left in the train, and told me I should go to the office at the end of the building. I was hardly surprised when I heard there that I need to go the cash desk number 14. The woman working there ordered me to go to the cash manager who was an amazingly polite man. He called cleaning service and security service but nobody had seen my mat. At the end he sent me to the railway security guard's office and police office. The policeman was very amused with an idea of looking for yoga mat at the police station.... It was the end of an epic journey for yoga mat. Unfortunately I didn't find it. It was almost like I was looking for a long lost artefact of the extremely high value. Maybe I wasn't fighting with dragons but I was fighting with PKP! It is almost the same... I found this adventure absurdly funny.


  1. I admire your attitude - most people would find the situation extremely frustrating. I hope you have another mat now and can go to your yoga classes despite the loss.

  2. Poor you:( I think that somebody was iterested in your yoga mat and just took it:( hope you'll have the new one :)